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CW-500ZD Bottom Seal Soft Loop Handle Bag Making Machine

1. Combined with bag forming and loop handle attaching device in one single machine, to replace semi-automatic soft loop handle sealing machine.
2. V-type sealing for both side gusset of the bag
3. With automatic conveyor table to deliver the finished bags while it is counted.
4. Unwinder with EPC automatic control
5. With cutting by fly knife system

Optional equipment
1. Tube film gusseting tower
2. Handle punching unit

  • Unwinders
  • K sealer for gusset part
  • Loop handle attachment device
  • Auto conveyor table
Technical parameter
Type CW-500ZD
Width of bag-making 200-500mm
Length of bag-making 250-600mm
Speed of bag-making 50 pcs/min
The dimension of handle film 0.2*30*360mm
Total Power 8.5kw
Machine Weight 2000kg
Machine dimension 6500*2000*1900mm
Air compressor (not included) 7HP

Related names
Plastic bag making machine
Bag making machine
Bottom seal soft loop handle bag machine
Fully automatic bag making machine
Bag converting machine, shopping bag machine
Soft loop handle shopping bag machine
Loop handle carrier bag making machine
Soft loop handle bag making machine

Exhibition Information

Date: 2016.09.18-09.20
Venue: Amman International Motor Show (AIMS)

Date: 2016.09.28-10.01
Venue: SECC Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center

2016 K SHOW
Date: 2016.10.19-10.26
Venue: Düsseldorf, Germany
Booth No: 3D34