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CW-800ZD Plastic Carrier Bag Making Machine

1. This machine is to make soft loop handle bag, patch handle bag, poly draw handle bag, and die cut handle bag
2. Pre-sealing knife, heated on double sides and strong for fusing, to make the bags without deformation.
3. The best quality of Italian design side sealing knife, heated to high temperatures without deformation.
4. Easy and flexible to be changed to make different type of bags

Optional equipment
Single sheet film folding unit, hydraulic loading device (connect or fission)
Bottom seal knife + double seal knife

  • Die cut handle bag
  • Drawstring bag
  • Patch handle bag
  • Soft loop handle bag
  • Continuous sealing device
  • Patch film sealing device
  • Loop handle attachment device
  • Sealing knife
  • Auto conveyor table
  • Unwinder
Technical Parameters
Type CW-800ZD
Length of bag making 250-750mm
(Height of the pouch)
Width of bag making 250-600mm
Top folded 50-75mm
Bottom insert 20-70mm
Speed of bag making Soft loop handle bag 60pcs/min
Patch handle bag 60pcs/min
Poly draw strings bag 65pcs/min
Die cut bag 80pcs/min
Total power 13KW
Machine weight 3500kg
Machine dimension 8200X3100X1870mm
Air compressor (not included) 6HP

Related names
Plastic bag making machine
Bag making machine
Handle bag making machine
Soft loop handle bag making machine
Patch handle bag making machine
Side sealing bag making machine
Sealing and cutting bag making machine
Bag machine
Patch bag machine
Handle bag machine
Drawstring bag machine
Tie bag machine
Machine to make bags with draw tape

Exhibition Information

Date: 2016.09.18-09.20
Venue: Amman International Motor Show (AIMS)

Date: 2016.09.28-10.01
Venue: SECC Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center

2016 K SHOW
Date: 2016.10.19-10.26
Venue: Düsseldorf, Germany
Booth No: 3D34