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Printing Machine

    1. High Speed Flexographic Printer The heavy duty frame design of the product can make the noise and vibration at the minimal level during high speed operation. The stable tension control system and color registering accuracy are good indicators of printing effects and qualities.
    1. Standard Flexographic Printer The printing plate cylinder allows for manual lifting and lowering, as well as offers automatic stirring of the printing ink after being lifted. The flexo printing machine can be optionally equipped with EPC system plus magnetic powder device for winding and unwinding tension control. It is suitable for various reel shaped packing materials, such as BOPP, PE, paper, etc., and is a preferred choice for food paper packaging, supermarket handbag, T-shirt bag, cloth bag, etc.

Related Names
Flexo Printing Press | Flexo Printing Machine | Flexographic Printing Machinery | Aniline Printing Equipment | Flexo Printing Machine | Plastic Film Printing Machine | High Speed Flexo Printing Machine

Exhibition Information

Date: 2016.09.18-09.20
Venue: Amman International Motor Show (AIMS)

Date: 2016.09.28-10.01
Venue: SECC Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center

2016 K SHOW
Date: 2016.10.19-10.26
Venue: Düsseldorf, Germany
Booth No: 3D34