During use of equipment in our plastic bag production line including plastic granulator, blown film line, flexo printer, bag making machine, etc., you may be puzzled by some questions such as abnormal photoelectric control and unstable seal line on the bag. In following table, you can find the answer that you need.

Common Problems and Relevant Solutions
No. Question Possible Causes Solutions
1 Abnormal Photoelectric Control 1. Printing size is uneven.
2. Size is adjusted to be too long or too short.
3. Photoelectric printed label is not flat.
4. The pressure of rubber roller for bag conveying is insufficient.
5. Blurry printing
1. Change coiled material
2. Adjust size
3. Move the trace point to a flat area
4. Adjust the pressure at two ends of the rubber roller
5. Trace point should be at the place with clear and deep color
2 The seal line is not firm or exquisite 1. Sealing temperature is too high or too low.
2. Conveyor belt pulls bags untimely.
3. There are foreign matters on the knife for sealing and rubber roller.
4. The knife for sealing has flaws.
1. Adjust the sealing temperature to an appropriate level
2. Control conveying time
3. Clean the sealing knife and rubber roller
4. Replace a sealing knife
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